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Born out of the World Economic Forum (WEF), the Global Shapers Community is a network of 378 city-based hubs in 160 countries working together to address local, regional and global challenges.

In Vancouver, we draw from young leaders in a variety of private, public, and non-profit sectors to help solve some of our city’s biggest challenges and drive the local implementation of WEF initiatives.

The Burnout Project

An adaptive series of workshops for young people to explore themes relating to preventing and managing burnout, self-care and doing socially impactful work in challenging times.

Shaping Cascadia

Shaping Cascadia is a cross-border initiative with the Seattle Shapers Hub to bring the voices of young leaders into the business, government, education, and innovation partnerships that are stitching BC, Washington, and Oregon as a unique global economic megaregion.

Millennial Advisory Council

We formed an advisory council for Science World, working to help make Science World and STEM learning initiatives more accessible to young people.


Hootsuite CEO Ryan Holmes @invoker is passionate about socially-conscious ventures and not only steered #Hootsuite to #BCorp status, but also founded @LOIUnplugged, a charity with a goal to build #entrepreneurial acumen for #youth https://t.co/jwgpoJ8X7D #BCorpMonth @hootsuite 🇨🇦

Curious how pricey it is to live in #Vancouver? @DailyHiveVan checked the numbers and claims that the the avg single person in Vancouver is forking out $3,355.80 per month / $40,269.60 annually to take in these beautiful mountains. Full article: https://t.co/DKxsYWfRZ2 🏡

You're Invited: bring clothing, computers, small electronics and appliances that need fixing or mending to our upcoming repair workshop. Event details and RSVP here https://t.co/CjbrnKrWfi #zerowaste2040

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